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Hey everyone,

Warren Wooden here from PLR Internet Marketing, I want to personally thank you for showing interest in my e-book "Blog Traffic Tactics", and taking the time to stop by today.

I know you’re probably expecting a sales letter here, and I’m told they do really well in these situations, but I want to try and do something a little different!

The thing is, I’m not trying to sell you.
Yes, the book has value, and hence a price tag, but that isn’t what this is about.

Note: If you invested this same $17.99 into a PPC campaign like Google AdWords you’d end up with about 50 visitors sent to your blog before you’d need to plug in more money. I’m offering to show you how to drive 10X that and more each and every day going forward!

Less than a year ago, my blog traffic was less than 25 visitors a day, and while I was working hard to keep posting, and working on my blog it was a little discouraging. I wanted people to see what I was working on.

I decided then, to learn everything I could about traffic driving techniques and apply them. I’ve kept the ones that work, and tossed the rest aside. The one’s I’ve kept work quite well, I’m now listed as being in the top 0.22% of all websites as far as traffic goes, and that only gets better each and every month that passes.

I realized that there were many people just like myself out there in the same situation, no traffic! Some of these people are incredible writers, and it’s a shame they are unable to develop those traffic streams and reach out to as many people as possible.

I wrote this in my spare time over the last three months, and it is 78 pages in length so there is quite a bit of good solid information in there, and it outlines the very same methods that I used to drive my own traffic to where it is now.

These aren’t “Secret Methods”, or “Google Loopholes”, these are tried and true tactics of blog promotion that are guaranteed to drive thousands of visitors to your blog or website.

Limited Quantities! (actually I have lots!)
Time Sensitive! (No, this offer isn’t going anywhere)
Price will be increasing! (no, I priced it fair)
Closed to new members! (Nope)
Only 30 20 10 Left! (Trust me, I have tons)
Phew! Now that we got those high pressure sales tactics out of the way…
The Price is $17.99
“This is the Blog Traffic book I wish I’d had when I started!”

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